Company Profile

Expert Microsystems (EM) has been developing innovative Prognostic Health Management (PHM) software solutions since 1995. In partnership with the government and private industry, EM has developed the most accurate, flexible, and cost effective PHM software available.

EM’s President and Chief Technology Officer, Randy Bickford, is a recognized worldwide expert in PHM technology. He is one of the industry’s pioneers and holds multiple patents in the areas of pattern recognition, fault detection, diagnostics, and prognostics. Prior to founding EM, Mr. Bickford worked in the aerospace industry where he developed advanced diagnostic and digital control technologies for space propulsion systems.

Patented PHM Software
EM offers the only PHM software that fully integrates a prognostic capability into a flexible, open architecture structure. This patented software–available in the SureSense® product suite–detects operating anomalies and faults with unparalleled accuracy, performs diagnostic analysis automatically, and predicts remaining useful life of a degrading asset in real-time giving an essential early warning before the asset fails. SureSense is also used by clients to identify and isolate anomalous sensor data automatically to avoid flight and test cancellations due to faulty data and to extend calibration intervals for installed sensors.

Flexible and Rapidly Deployed

A key feature of SureSense is an extensible plug-in framework that enables rapid optimization of the software for a wide variety of system and product applications. EM has incorporated third generation decision and prognostic algorithms into our SureSense software providing a unique combination of accuracy, flexibility and cost effectiveness that cannot be found in other PHM products on the market.

Power and Energy

Under DOE sponsorship, SureSense has been successfully installed at several nuclear power plants and is used for instrument calibration monitoring and early detection of critical equipment problems. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has selected EM to develop its next generation diagnostic software application for fleet-wide on-line health management of fossil-fueled and nuclear power plants. The flexibility and capability of EM’s technology was a key factor in selecting EM over competing technology providers.

NASA Programs

NASA Glenn Research Center and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center have used SureSense for Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) data validation. SureSense demonstrated 100% detection accuracy when screening telemetry data for 50 SSME flights and accurately identified three sensor failures encountered in the flights. During the NASA Space Launch Initiative Program, SureSense was used to validate control system sensor data on the RS-83 and RS-84 boost engines. Most recently, EM’s technology was adopted by NASA for performing real time data validation in the Ares I launch vehicle’s on-board Fault Detection, Notification and Response (FDNR) System.

Air Force Programs

The U.S. Air Force has used SureSense to monitor aircraft turbine engines. In tests of F-16 and F/A-22 turbine engines conducted at the USAF Arnold Engineering Development Center, SureSense enabled rapid and accurate analysis of engine ground and flight test data thereby reducing development timelines and eliminating expensive investigations often caused by faulty data.

Navy Programs

SureSense has also been used to predict remaining useful life of monitored electronic equipment, such as batteries and power supplies, under the sponsorship of NAVAIR and the Joint Strike Fighter Program. In another Navy application, SureSense was used to provide early warning of incipient motor drive failures in a shipboard weapon system.

Mission Statement

Expert Microsystems’ mission is to stamp out costly failures in our customers’ performance critical assets by providing accurate, flexible and rapidly deployed prognostic health management software customized for each unique and specific application.

We are recognized experts in the power generation industry and our patented software is deployed to improve efficiency, reliability and safety and reduce costs in the power, aerospace, military, cyber security, electronics and industrial process control industries.